Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wild Rose in Bloom

I wrote this poem for Sophia on her graduation from high school... less then a year later she married John and was on her way... Thought it an appropriate place to begin this jouney.


Oh, How I long...once more to see...wild rose in bloom neath the filbert tree...

Days long ago, when I was young and she was my little Fia...we went for walks through rolling hills and lazy trails and we would pick wild roses and twigs and treasures along the road.

Days long ago, laughter trickled from her lips like rivulets of water running wild and free through forests undiscovered and black berries stained her fingers the color of her eyes. She was my bare foot girl gathering wild flowers and filbert nuts with the sun streaming on her ringlets of auburn hair.

Days long ago...when three little girls and a handsome son...filled our endless days. Fia led the way as we wandered through the hills of Dundee exploring forgotten trails...and mystery waited patiently around every bend in the road.

Days long ago we spoke of wild rose potions and daisy chains and black berries piled high with cream and sugar and magic was in her smile...and her hugs and her kisses were as warm as the setting sun.

Day long ago and I can not pass those wild roses without remembering a child's laughter. For many days and weeks and years after we moved away, everytime we passed Dundee my Fia would the wild you remember how we picked them and how pretty they smelled and mom can we really eat rose hips? Together we would gaze upon the neat row of filbert trees and the wild roses growing there and remember...Days long ago.

Days long ago and now Fia is grown and when we pass she doesn't remember wild roses...and the filbert trees are gone and I've not seen a wild rose for many summers.

Days long ago are wrapped tightly in my heart and innocent laughter forever sings its song...

Oh Fia...if we could...just once more see wild rose in bloom neath the filbert tree...then days long ago...will once more the warmth of the my little girls...rose colored smile.

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Stephanie said...

Beautiful.No other words necessary - just beautiful.