Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Pa-oohie-oohie

So I decided to start a blog for my grandbabies and since the only child of mine that has any children at this time is Pa-oohie-oohie ...I dedicate this blog to Sophia Terese Castro McManus Libemday Foley....born June 2, 1986. Married to John Michael Foley and mother of three beautiful little girls...Mailey Anne, Emry Addison and Reagan Olivia.

The blog isn't really to the grandbabies it is to the parents of my grandbabies. It's about parenting. Sophie is so far away and we not only miss the babies but I miss being there for Sophie...I miss being available for you when things get overwhelming, I miss encouraging you and offering small slices of life and a bit of what I hope is wisdom that can gently point you down the path of enjoying life, loving your husband and cherishing those three little blessings God has entrusted you with. I miss you...and you are in my prayers and on my mind and heart...and I want you to know you are a blessing and we appreciate the woman and mother you have become...Happy Mother's Day. I love you Pa-oohie-oohie.... Say hello to Sir Laugh-alot the flying fox. Love PapaNana

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TheFoleyFive said...

oh mum. i miss you. i miss you. i miss you. I wish you could be here for me too...but you are. A phone call away and just like that I feel better and more sure and strong. Can't wait to read all the posts and show them to mailey...and Emry...and Reagan.
I love you.